Bottled-up Emotions

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     At times, she wonders how people manage to keep their feelings all bottled-up. Just the other day, that guy was mourning. Today he’s far better. Healed, apparently. She stands there, still, in the midst of a busy pavement; awestruck by this sudden thought. Later she realizes, she’s one of them.

– Suri


33 thoughts on “Bottled-up Emotions

  1. Wow! That hit hard! A lot about our perspective on others would change if we start putting ourselves in their shoes. No matter how different we are, we are all humans. This was a great post. I am loving it how you are able to convey strong messages using so few words. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! 😀
      And true that! We are humans after all..! As a fellow being, it is our responsibility to stand for someone else, who’s perhaps feeling low.. 🙂

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