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     When an empathy is mistaken as an act of selfish deed. When people misunderstand a genuine concern to be an intrusive act. When there’s no one to share my dilemma with. When the chaos in my mind never stop wrangling. I choose to write. As an escape from the turmoil. *wink*

– Suri


18 thoughts on “Saviour.

  1. So after you have escaped your turmoil by writing, what happens when the writing stops? Perhaps the writing will spotlight issues that are causing the chaos, but then what? Is your chaos what you are and who you want to be? Are you identifying yourself by your dilemma? I can ask so many questions …………. but you are the only one with the answers. Keep writing my friend and, when ink runs dry………………….get another pen *wink*!

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    1. Ah! You’re so kind! 🙂
      True that! Writing indeed does help us spot our issues & enables us to reflect upon them. It makes sure we understand the situation completely & analyze it in every possible way.. giving us an insight into the condition of the person’s (the one we’re dealing with) emotions.. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your views..

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  2. Ah ! Voicing our thoughts, without the fear of being judged – yes, writing indeed is the key to keep a sane mind in the insane world 😀
    I am sure that for a creative soul like you, words and art will come naturally to the rescue 🙂 Keep creating 🙂

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    1. Ah! You spoke the exact words that I feel “writing is a key to a sane mind in the insane world” 🙂
      Yes they do.. reading, writing & drawing, all three of them! 😀 but specially writing!! 🙂 It helps me to stay calm in difficult situations!
      Thank you for sharing your views.

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