Too Many Questions Tonight!


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     Do people act mean on purpose? Don’t they have even a slightest hint that, in the process, they are hurting somebody else’s feelings? Is it that only the demon in them works while their angel takes a long, deep nap? Why do people vent out their anger on a person who is not even 0.01% at fault, instead, is only trying to help! I understand that people can only share their deepest thoughts, feelings, anger and hatred with the one they trust/care for/are closest to the most; but along with that don’t they have a responsibility to not make that person feel worse?? Of course they do. But then, why don’t they acknowledge it??

     I may have sounded somewhat emotional in this post. But don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. Nobody has been mean to me recently. It’s just one of those random thoughts of mine which troubles me at times.

– Suri


23 thoughts on “Too Many Questions Tonight!

  1. I don’t think anyone has ever taken it out on me but I agree. It most certainly is their duty to make sure they’re not hurting the other person and apologies should be in order if they have.
    Not everything is excusable just because you’re heartbroken or angry or whatever..right?

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    1. You are absolutely correct! 🙂
      It’s no excuse that you have a bad day going on, so you must spoil others’ day.. We must take the utmost care not to harm others because of our problems!
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  2. When people are unhappy they want everyone else To be that Which they are,it’s the same anger begets anger if they hurt they want everyone else to be its shallow be it nevertheless that it is

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  3. People can be mean for many reasons.
    -They have many things go wrong such that they lose their self control and “hit” the next person who crosses their path.
    – They have very low self esteem and by dragging you down, makes them (by comparison) feel a little better about themselves.
    – They have taken no responsibility for their life and vent their frustrations on somebody who has taken control (= envy).
    ……….. an no doubt many more reasons, none of which are justifiable!

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    1. You have very cleverly jotted down some of the many reasons for acting mean. And I agree to each one of them. It’s mostly just that, people remove their frustrations on someone else rather than facing it themselves.
      Thanks for sharing your views. Your comments always makes me feel better. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome. It is always good to try and understand why somebody does something. It may not make it right. It may still be a problem for you, but it might just make it excusable.

        We had a story here a few years ago about two children in a subway car. They were with their father and were misbehaving badly. Running around and making a lot of noise and generally being disruptive to other riders while their father did nothing. Eventually, somebody approached the father and told him that he should take responsibility for his children and control them as they were being very annoying. He apologized for his children’s behavior, and then explained that they had just left the hospital where their mother/his wife had died. The children didn’t know yet and he was a bit preoccupied trying to decide how to break it to them.

        When we first got Ray, he would bark and lung at everybody he did not know, as well as all other dogs. The problem turned out to be fear (perhaps based on his past) and the “lunge/bark” routine generally made the problem go away! The solution was to give him a treat as soon as he saw a person or another dog so that he would equate them with treats. The tricky part was studying him to understand what signaled an imminent lunge/bark as we needed to give him the treat before the event (we didn’t want to reward the lunge/bark”!!!).

        In both scenarios, the events were less annoying once the circumstances were understood. Tolerance – Patience – Understanding – Compassion. Very powerful tools to help you through life.

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        1. Well well.. Sad to hear it,. It’s true that we make unnecessary conclusions about situations without sitting back and giving it a second thought. What is even more sad is that, we think in only our own perspective, the way things appear to us. And even if we do think about/ for others, we try to wipe out the fact that there, between the two of us, is a 50% chance of them being correct and us being wrong!! But alas! we are so preoccupied.
          Glad to hear that you could understand Ray completely and brought him out of his fear. 🙂 As always, you look great together!
          Yes, Tolerance – Patience – Understanding – Compassion are the most essential tools improve ourselves as well as to make this world a better place. 🙂


  4. I often ponder some of the same questions. I think it’s an issue of coping skills. Some people have better skills than others and can let go of their negative emotions in more positive ways than others. Those skills aren’t something we’re born with, they’re learned and learning is hard work. Some people take the easy way out and just take their negative emotions out on others which only leads to more negative feelings. It seems like a frustrating cycle sometimes.

    But I also know positive emotions can be spread in much the same way, fortunately, and we can positively impact each other’s days with a simple smile or kind word. Paying it forward. Doing something small for someone else that not only makes them experience positive feelings, but brings you joy in knowing you’ve done something kind for someone else.

    Life is always a balance.

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    1. Yes, Life a always a balance. 🙂 As you said it, it really is an issue of coping skills. Self-control and self-esteem plays a vital role in it.
      And yes, when you give out negative vibes, it form an arc or a semicircle of negativity and then the same negative arc reflects back to us to form an entire circle which goes on and on! I would rather prefer a circle of positivity than of negativity!!
      Thank you for sharing your views. 😀

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  5. I think that they cannot handle the situation well and they just can’t deal with the pressure. It takes a lot to deal with all the pressure that life presents. I myself, is not so good at it.

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    1. Yes. Low self-esteem is one of the many other reasons for it. We are humans. We all have our pros and cons. But we can at least try to overcome our difficulties without harming someone else. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your views.

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  6. Everybody hurts… Everybody get hurt. It’s our luck literally to be in company of people who are compassionate and not full of themselves

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      1. Haha I thought you said it wasn’t personal. :p . Anyway, when we are around such negative people no option is left to us apart from getting away from them gradually. I don’t want to sound all expert in this manner because frankly I wish I knew the answer for your question. Nice to see you asking those bang on target since most people have that question but were never able to put them up in words

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        1. Well.. not personal as in not for now .. yes, these things were true for me. But long back. Not recently.
          Yeah. I understand.
          Thank you for your kind words. Made me feel better. 🙂

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