What Next?

We walk, run, jump, neglect our health and happiness so as to fulfill the task at hand. We do this in an expectation of a better ‘tomorrow’. But when that ‘tomorrow’ actually arrives, we ask ourselves, “Is this all that I needed to see? Really? What Next? ” The future only manages to keep us going. It is our ‘present’ that sustains us!
– Suri


21 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Not sure that I totally agree – “It is our β€˜present’ that sustains us!” Really? While I would agree in general terms, I would disagree that, where a person is in serious trouble, that the present is sustaining them. I would suggest that the thought of help in the future is more likely to sustain them. Thoughts? πŸ™‚

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    1. Well.. then again, it varies with your perspective!
      I, in usual terms, would say that yes, of course, the future keeps me going. (I am in no way denying the importance of the ‘future’ in this post)
      But there are times when people work & work & work like machines in a factory & never once stop & notice the charming nature of their surroundings. It’s utter betrayal for the ‘present’. I only wanted to share the wisdom/ happiness that only the present can give us. It can neither be gained from the past nor the future.
      Thanks for sharing your views & ‘not’ agreeing to my post. It made me look at it in a different perspective! πŸ™‚

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  2. Expectations of tomorrow being a new day, must be built a foundation of today. If today is viewed as swamp land, your expectation won’t get very high. That is a gift called the present:-D

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  3. Seems to be…hhuummm…Well..when you put it like that..I realize I’m not living in the moment at all..well maybe a little because I put my heart and thoughts and energy into the project at hand and for the most part really love it…but Suri…your so right…my list of projects are for an outcome..what I have to do first…like.”for when my husband gets home”….and that’s along time from now…or…for the store that we are opening soon…so….there you have it..woops…or is that a woops?

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    1. Haha.. I get you! It happens with each one of us. We get so engrossed with the work, to make our future a better place, that we never once glance & cherish the beauty of our surroundings! πŸ™‚

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      1. But Suri…in some sort of way I thought I was…but..nope..I want to say I do…I’m just so messed up with my husband being out of town. I want to be here loving being at home again. Creating my old new gardens..Launching our store..loving every moment with all my energy..but…all I can think of is…I need to talk to Rex and l’ll know what to do after we think about it….and talk it through..Starting this Monday we should talking at least 2 times a day. So that will help..our store was always going to be a storefront..but it is now an online store that we are opening..weird..but fun now that I am kindof getting the hang of it…can I get your opinion on it sometime? or bit’s of it as I design it? I’m proud of it…your website is really nice..you must have been doing this a long time…looking good it is

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        1. Oh dear!
          Well.. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ Nope. I’m blogging only since like, 2-3 months. πŸ˜€
          By the way, could you send me a link to your online store?

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  4. Another good post. quoting Ekhart Tolle he says.. β€œThe basis for true change is freedom from negativity. And that’s what acceptance implies: no negativity about what is. And then you see what this moment requires: what is it that is required now so that life can express itself more fully?”

    Eckhart Tolle

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  5. The present sustains us… I would agree, keeping in mind our health as the focal point. Maybe something along the lines of “all work and no play…”?

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