18 thoughts on “Who Wins After All?

  1. I guess the lesson is perhaps to not try and run away from your fears, as they will always be there with you (a bit like running away from your shadow). A better approach would perhaps be to identify your fears, develop a plan of attack to deal with them, and then attack them on your terms. If there are numerous fears then, like any good battle plan, fight them one at a time. Be smart. Be strong. Be the victor! πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s cool. But even after knowing & identifying our fears, we, sometimes, aren’t able to cope up/ to battle with it. Running away & ignoring it seems to be the only option available. What do you do at such times?

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      1. Instead of saying “running away and ignoring” them, how about we say “deciding to not address them at this time.” Running away from something not only does nothing to resolve it, but is a little self destructive as you are admitting to your conscious and sub-conscious self that you cannot deal with them. Deciding to do nothing at this time, although merely a change of words, tells both your conscious and sub-conscious self that you are merely waiting for a better time to approach and resolve the fears. It also sets up your thinking about how you are going to proceed from here.

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