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A Support

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Howsoever we may deny it, at the end of the day, we do need a shoulder of a parent, a trusted friend or a distant relative. The entire day goes into the hardships of being more and more independent; but towards the end, we all reveal our true character. Fortunately or unfortunately – I have no say in this anyway – we are after-all ‘social‘ animals. Humans need crowd, animals need herd; birds need flock, and someone to be heard.

– Suri


You’ll walk with us…

Certainly.. 🙂

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For most of the world, the difference between the 27th and 28th of July, 2015, was just the day. Monday and Tuesday. Period. But, for the people of the second most populous country in the world, the difference was much, much, much more. The first was a day with Dr Kalam, the second without. Today, a country mourns it’s president, its youngsters mourn their idol.
But, I beg to differ. Of all the people saying R.I.P on social media, I wasn’t one. I wasn’t among the people watching the news all day. Because I don’t think he is no more. I think he lives on in every youngster he has ever inspired, including me. He lives in his ideas, his dreams, his visions of a bright future. He continues to walk with us…

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In A Trance

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Today I have this giddy feeling inside my stomach, as I start a new phase of my life.  Would I be able to fulfill my goals, my requirements? Or would I just waste the years to come in utter confusion and disbelief? Hoping for the best; wish me luck people! 😛

– Suri

Failure? Or Fortune?


Failures gave her a chance to reflect upon her true self, her own identity. It helped her to see the real world through the eyes of the less fortunate ones. The ones who failed and honestly did accept their failures, but were curbed by the higher echelons of the society. Now, the only objective that she had in her mind was to lend a voice to those less fortunate ones, so even they could earn a respectful place, in the society. For this, she was way too much more determined than ever before.

Not everybody gets a chance to fail so miserably in life. She just got lucky. *wink*

– Suri


Featured image          “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be on a high dose of Veritaserum* ? Spilling out the truths, all at once, without worrying about it’s consequences. True, even my darkest secrets would be revealed; but, once it’s gone, it’s GONE!! It won’t dare trouble me ever again. Ah, so liberating!” – She thought.

Veritaserum* – a powerful truth serum/ potion. (a Harry Potter reference)

– Suri


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“You haven’t got any idea how it feels like to be alone” – one of his friends cried out. “You’re always surrounded by someone or the other.” He was left with only a slight curve of his smile to offer, on the outside. Internally, it was a completely different scenario. There were series of various images flashing before his eyes – of all the times he had been abandoned, deserted and labelled as an outcast. Life is hard. But it always seems to be easy and peaceful; when furnished with a smile. 🙂

– Suri

Sniffing. Chewing. Ripping. Chaos.

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Puppies can be are messy sometimes ALL the time. I wonder why doesn’t the English Thesaurus declare a ‘puppy’ to be synonymous to ‘chaos’. Moving in and around the house, destroying one thing or the other. I’m not saying it’s any of their fault. They are just curious. Curious like a human child. Curious about the surroundings, about their new home, new place, new people, new world! There’s absolutely nothing wrong being curious. *wink*

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Well I don’t know about others, but for the first entire year, Sweety demanded a lot of attention, care, response and always at least one person behind her all the time. If not, then an hour later you may find your costly, favourite footwear impeccably chewed by none other than the sweet, cuddly (and the mischievous) pup – Sweety! And yes, she wouldn’t even get any scolding from anyone!! Why, you ask? Oh c’mon, the answer is so very obvious. Why would you ever scold a pup with eyes as shiny as the stars, it’s tilted face as innocent as a newborn, ears as if they have acknowledged their mistake, sitting under a table or a far corner in the room?

I consider myself an extremely lucky person. Not only because I had a dog, but also because I ‘grew‘ with one!! I was about 5 year old when we got Sweety. She was 2 months old then. Both of us had no experience at all with the outside, or in other terms the real world. Both of us were very immature. It was about time that we start this journey of life. Together. Thus, we started discovering together. We were like two naughty kids at our house. WE RULED THE WORLD. Which in other words, simply meant: we assume that we ruled our territory, i.e. our house; and that every other human being was bound to listen to our orders. Of  course, this was just an illusion and would be wiped away instantly (but only momentarily) by my our (we considered each other to be sisters) mom, when she would scold us for anything that was beyond her understanding. Oh dear, how would she know that playing in the mud was so peaceful! But alas, she would just rant about how unhealthy it was for a child like me to play out there in the mud without an adult supervision. What if I swallow the dirt? All this was beyond my and Sweety’s understanding then. We would just look into each others’ eyes, as though planning for another mischief. We were as good as Partners In Crime. ^_^

Guys and gals!! The photos that I have posted here, are only for reference purpose. The source is Google. These pictures are not Sweety’s.

Well well… I know I had planned a post on Dog Days for every other Saturday. But the thing is, I was reconsidering my decision for this page. Like, would it really prove to be helpful? Would it really help me to finally move on after her death? Or would the nostalgic memories encroach upon me more and more and hence wipe me away from my physical self? Folks, I really need your views upon this. Thank you.

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– Suri

Illusion ~ Not Everything Is As It Seems To Be

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She became skeptical. He seemed to be unconcerned. There was years and years of distrust buried within her towards him. Yet what she experienced in this meet was unlike ever before. The surface of her heart, which was as hard as a rock, was beginning to melt, upon his mere words. But a tiny voice spoke from somewhere inside, ‘This isn’t worth it. Move on. It’s just an illusion, do not dwell upon it.’ Intuition? Ego? Paranoia? Doubt? She didn’t have even a slightest clue of what was going on deep within her. She was fighting a constant battle against herself. Some of her organs on the side of the devils, while the others on the side of the angels? But then again, who decides who are the angels and who are the devils? Of course, our perspective. But she had lost sense of her perspective. She was mesmerized by him. Finally, she took the hint from the tiny voice and kept quiet. Showing none of her emotions outside. What if it really was an illusion? What if there was a selfish motive behind his sudden softness, after years altogether? She decided to carry on with life as it is. She remembered a quote she had read in a book by J.K. Rowling- “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” If the past keeps you away from your goals, then it’s better to evade it, throw it in it’s rightful place, which is the past itself; and keep moving forward.

– Suri