Can Anybody Hear Me?


And then, you find yourself inside a water puddle. You see the currents and waves flowing by, besides you. But you’re just stuck there. Completely immobile. And alone.

– Suri


58 thoughts on “Can Anybody Hear Me?

      1. Why guess? If you are asking if people can hear you, you are presumably not getting the reactions that you expected. There are two obvious possibilities: They cannot hear you (so speak louder) or they do not understand you (so clarify). πŸ™‚

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  1. May be im deaf by dellusion but i can feel you by my heart more louder than you speak! hearing of someone by his sounds is mechanism but hearing of someone’s internal sound is something magnificent!

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  2. Wow. Short and deep.
    I have read the comments and I thought may be change the perspective a bit.

    So, I’m going to try something. From the perspective of the person trapped in the puddle. Please don’t hate me.

    “Scared I was, stuck and alone,
    Screamed my lungs out
    For someone to hear me
    For that current to take me,
    Never did I feel so helpless,
    Yet, I never did lose hope.

    Tired and awry, I looked around
    And found myself in a sea of small puddles
    Stuck and alone like me,
    Scared and screaming like me.
    With a little hope, a step we took
    And then another.

    When we finally met
    Our joy had no bounds.
    We weren’t alone anymore.
    United, we were the stream
    And the currents carried us,
    While we sang the song of success. ”

    PS : I apologise if ruined your post.

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    1. Nope. You haven’t at all ruined the post. Instead, you’ve just helped increase it’s beauty.
      You sure do have a great outlook on things. An awesome perspective. I loved it. Thanks for sharing your views. Keep stopping by! πŸ˜€

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  3. The Longest Journey keeps you guessing until the very end, drawing you fully into its world until you don’t really want
    to leave (good thing there’s a sequel’Dreamfall: The Longest Journey).
    The more highly placed a person was, the more opulent was his attire.
    They enjoy themselves pretending as character from medieval era.

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  4. You are not stuck but u r flowing… turbulent…..moving towards a bay of happiness through a narrow ridge of less self belief, in the end where u fall, everyone is waiting to hear you.. πŸ™‚

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