Failure? Or Fortune?


Failures gave her a chance to reflect upon her true self, her own identity. It helped her to see the real world through the eyes of the less fortunate ones. The ones who failed and honestly did accept their failures, but were curbed by the higher echelons of the society. Now, the only objective that she had in her mind was to lend a voice to those less fortunate ones, so even they could earn a respectful place, in the society. For this, she was way too much more determined than ever before.

Not everybody gets a chance to fail so miserably in life. She just got lucky. *wink*

– Suri


23 thoughts on “Failure? Or Fortune?

  1. Totally agree with you. It is relatively easy to express sympathy over somebody else’s misfortune, but to express empathy, then you had to have experienced it and empathy is the desired response (if available) every time! Empathy in as broad a range of experiences as possible, should be a goal in all our lives:)

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        1. “My success teaches me very little ” – Surely success affirms that prior failures served a purpose? Agreed that success and failure are both relative terms and subject to interpretation based on ones perspective but success in itself is a valuable affirmation that you are moving in your direction of choice.

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          1. But of you succeed and you do it wrong, have you just got lucky? Somethings work and experiences in training people may have jaded my thoughts. I would generalize I learn more when I get it wrung and have to reevaluate

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            1. If you do something wrong, but still succeed then I would suggest that either you were lucky (agreeing with you) or there was more than one way to achieve the end result. Either is a valued success because you have learned so much more:
              – that luck can play a part
              – that you just learned a new way to achieve the same end result
              – that you have determined (hopefully) what you did wrong and can therefore not depend on luck next time!
              – Bonus ……… you are a better person for the whole experience! πŸ™‚

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            2. I surely agree with Colin. There really are times when you get lucky.. But what if it actually was another path disguised as luck? πŸ™‚
              & of course, failures teaches us more than success ever does!
              Thanks a lot for sharing your views about the topic! πŸ™‚

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