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For most of the world, the difference between the 27th and 28th of July, 2015, was just the day. Monday and Tuesday. Period. But, for the people of the second most populous country in the world, the difference was much, much, much more. The first was a day with Dr Kalam, the second without. Today, a country mourns it’s president, its youngsters mourn their idol.
But, I beg to differ. Of all the people saying R.I.P on social media, I wasn’t one. I wasn’t among the people watching the news all day. Because I don’t think he is no more. I think he lives on in every youngster he has ever inspired, including me. He lives in his ideas, his dreams, his visions of a bright future. He continues to walk with us…

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2 thoughts on “You’ll walk with us…

  1. He certainly loved his country.

    I have often sit to ponder, do I love my country? After knowing how intensely the roots of corruption, greed and selfishness have spread across in all political systems, the thought of actually ‘serving’ India selflessly, seems like a bullshit idea. No way. I had decided long back, to live for myself and people who care about me.

    But the night he passed away, I re-questioned myself. What was it that made this man do so much for his country? Did he not hate the country for all the selfishness prevalent in the system? The corruption? How can a sane person, serve his country if he doesn’t love his motherland?

    If Dr. Kalam could love his country and serve her, why can’t I ?

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    1. Just listen to your tiny little inner voice. It may sound a lot philosophical, but that tiny voice is what honestly helps us to distinguish between what is good & what is bad. This conscience proves to be worthwhile in the long run.. 🙂
      Best wishes. Keep blogging! 😀

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