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One mistake has the potential to wipe out all your previous good deeds. Choose your actions with care.

– Suri


Delta (Δ)

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Life is a constant game of improvising. We are never stable. We keep on learning new stuff. In the process unknowingly, we transform ourselves. It’s as if like, Δ – the Greek symbol for Change – is directly proportional to the number of years we live for!

You’ve changed“, they say. “Changed for good, yeah“, is all you want to say.

– Suri

Solitary Confinement

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Even if all the gates flew open, she didn’t move outside. She saw that all of her companions took advantage of the situation to set themselves free; yet she didn’t waver even for a bit. She seemed to have grown accustomed to her illusory and ‘comfortable’ personal space. Her way of giving an excuse to something that demanded her to take a life-saving risk.

– Suri



Death is depicted so easily in movies and in books. You hear the sound of a gun-shot, or a hit by a rod on the back of the victim’s head; and the immediate next moment, you see him lying cold. And dead.
Is it really so easy to portray death? Can death actually be imitated? I think not. It’s a much deeper concept.

All kinds of opinions to this are invited. Let me know what my fellow bloggers think about this. 🙂

– Suri

Dreams & Memories.

Those times, when you enter in my dreams

Looking ever so young, lively and whole,

The picture of you that I had, is floating around, somewhere in the realms..

Looking through your eyes into mine, you were, with your lovely and watchful soul.

Felt as though I have found you again

As if you have returned; or rather, it was me….

For all I know, I left you alone in vain,

It should have been ‘we’, instead of just ‘me’..

The love in your eyes spoke an ineffable language,

That indicated a desire to be reunited back,

But how shall I go against the forces of nature;

And bring you back from the angels of Heaven?

– Suri

Note: This is my second attempt at poetry. I’ve written this as a dedication to my dog Sweety, who is no more with me. Please share your views regarding this and let me know how to improve my poetry skills. Thank you for reading. *wink*