Delta (Δ)

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Life is a constant game of improvising. We are never stable. We keep on learning new stuff. In the process unknowingly, we transform ourselves. It’s as if like, Δ – the Greek symbol for Change – is directly proportional to the number of years we live for!

You’ve changed“, they say. “Changed for good, yeah“, is all you want to say.

– Suri


10 thoughts on “Delta (Δ)

  1. How logical is this idea that the path which we’ve been walking on, the very path that has caused the change is us, was the correct path? I mean were we always meant to change the way we did? Was this destiny? Was it written? Or do we really need to regret that had we chosen the other adjoining path back then, the change in us would have been different?

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    1. I don’t think that we need to regret upon anything that happens in our life. Each day is a new chapter of our life. An entirely new beginning. Each day teaches us something new. It gives us certain experiences which may prove to be worth or fruitful a few years later. Change is the only thing that is constant. We keep changing every second of our life. When I look back at my previous year’s self; I realize that I’ve changed so much!! In my thoughts, my words, everything!! Happily accept each day as a challenge & keep moving forward! Good luck! 🙂

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