Journey To Another Land.

It felt magical, it felt out of the world; The journey to the land of innocence!

The joy in one’s eyes, the fear in another’s; The struggle of one soul, the pureness of other.

One look towards him & he gave a warm smile,

We turned around to leave and he said goodbye!

The charisma in the atmosphere wasn’t the one to be longed for;

But surely would be the one to always be remembered.

They shouldn’t be languished with pity; Instead must be adorned with love and happiness.

For those worthy of sympathy are only the ones, who have it all yet fail.

Together they dance and shout and play;

Enjoying the last days to the full extent.

Whereas, we, in spite of all the good around us,

search for that tiny pint of darkness to overshadow our hearts.

I might have visited them only for a brief while;

Yet, the smiles have been etched with a graver spade!

Journey To Another Land.

– Suri

Note: This is a poem that I have written as a dedication to the people staying at Orphanages. My recent visit to an Orphanage inspired and influenced me to bring out all my feelings in the form of a poem.

P.S.: This is my third poem. Am I improving in my poetry skills? Let me know, readers! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Journey To Another Land.

  1. It’s the depth and the beauty that matters…..and since this poem is different from the rest………..i still admire it……..although it’s so light heartening poem…..feels so fresh……..and if you wanna know about the improvement when compared to other poems, (my personal opinion) no….and the second thing is, poems of different genre should never be compared….. 🙂

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  2. Hi Suri – That must have been quite the experience, and one which I hope you never forget. Most people feel that they understand orphanages, but they cannot really connect until they have spent time in one and with the orphans. Most people feel that they understand “soup kitchens” (food for the poor), but they know very little until they have worked in one and served the poor.

    Our world has lots of problems and, while many people are sympathetic to them and genuinely believe that they understand them, they have no concept of the realities until they have become physically involved and can therefore see and feel the emotions involved. That is the real education.

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  3. Ooops ……. I forgot re your request for feedback. This was a very good poem as it captured a number of extremes/opposites of the orphan’s world; it briefly explored our lives in comparison; it expressed the impact that the visit had on you, and it was clearly a experience strong enough to create a poem. Very well done. You might wish to consider printing out a copy (may be make some minor layout changes), frame it, and send it to the orphanage. They would probably love to have such a gift from a visitor.

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    1. Whoa! I’m so glad to receive such feedbacks from you readers! Firstly, thanks a lot for reading it. & secondly, as you said, “it was clearly a experience strong enough to create a poem.” It indeed was!! It isn’t always that I feel like writing a poem. I love writing prose more than poetry. But then, certain experiences can be expressed better in a poem, isn’t it.? 😀

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  4. I went to a Catholic grade school that was also affiliated with an orphanage. Several of my classmates were orphans. Very sad, to think a parent could simply give their child up. I know worldwide it’s a huge problem, often times due to disease and/or war. Very sad to think of these innocent kids finding their way without their parents.

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    1. Yes, the hardships faced by these children are really too much. All we can do to help them is to make sure that we contribute towards humanity in some way.& thus help in reviving their faith in humanity! 🙂

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