Monthly Archives: October 2015



She couldn’t seem to gather why she liked that particular trait in some humans. The kind of people who were a stubborned lot; who did only what seemed right to them. They are the ones who strive to accomplish their dreams ands goals even when there are tons of men waiting to oppose and obstruct them on reaching their path, their destination.

She considers them as her inspiration. She wishes to be like them. She wants to conquer the entire world, for which she needs to stand on her own feet. For this, she needs to be stubborn. Yet, a tiny little force in her heart, called ‘sympathy’ manages to bring her down; away from her path. Every. Single. Time..!

– Suri



And then, one day, all I want to do is to sit down on my bed, with a giant handkerchief with all the doors closed. And then start crying. Start crying out really very loud. I want to let it go. Let all the tears that have burdened my eyelids – by accumulating in there – just flow away!! I want them to fly far, far away with their wings.

I would let them form deltas while streaming down the path from my eyes towards the nose and the cheeks and then finally pulled down by the law of gravity. I wouldn’t actually mind if they wish to form estuaries or river basins or even seas for that matter, instead of the deltas. They are free to do so. I wouldn’t wipe them off until and unless, really necessary!

All I want to do is to set those tears free. Free them from the twin cages that they had occupied themselves in; thus, spoiling my vision and keeping me away from my destination. Tears which led me into an illusory state, into a secluded world of my own. Whereas, every other thing or place only resembled like a Dark World to me, where I feared to step in.

Not that ‘Dark’ translates into anything negative or bad. It only means the absence of light. But, my tearful eyes couldn’t even see things in a lower light; let alone be a Dark World! I need to find such a day for myself. I would call it the day of Liberation..

– Suri