eraser and word mistakes

Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes are good they say. If we just know the trick, we might end up gaining a whole brand-new set of experiences first-hand. But of course, we have to SUFFER before we get to feast upon our laurels. They say, mistakes are a proof that you are taking risks. Which may be for a noble cause or a bad one. But what if you make a mistake that can never be rectified? What if it sets itself as a permanent default? Ah, that – you would never know until – you try!

– Suri


16 thoughts on “Mistakes?

  1. Suri, keep writing. There are people who understand what you’re going through. I was taught by a man who was wise and quiet to speak quietly and keep my eyes open for people out to hurt me, and then I had to put up with him molesting me for let’s see…12 years old to 19, then 4 times when I had to move back home at 30 years old because I couldn’t stand my life without pills, alcohol, empty sex and men that swore they loved me and lied in my face…? This is the message: that man was the father I adopted


  2. Adored. I wanted to listen to his problems and he stole my virginity and turned me and my mother against each other. I hate every day, but I have a sister he also molested and she suffered so badly that she is in jail for anger management-related issues. Anger directed outward punishes people instead of the people who made them angry (my damned father, who is a preacher of the gospel of Jesus and a betrayer of my trust) while anger directed inward tends to only hurt you (I am unemployed after 10 years and substance abuse that led me to keep doing drugs that ruined me, dear). Write and express yourself. Just don’t hurt yourself, if you can’t get to the one or the things that make you angry. All right?


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