The Theft.


My wacky Sixth-sense.

Waking me up in the middle of night.



The roar of guns.

Clattering the ground like fiery fireworks!



The recklessness of chaos.

Shuddering and awakening my worst fears.



Yes, our old enemy – the time.

Gave me a blurry version of four past forty.



Our sleepy little neighbours.

Isolating us to figure out the truth, by ourselves.



Seven sturdy old guys.

Ransacking the houses in prototypes.



A sudden unexpected wish.

To be some place else but here.



My black bespectacled eyes.

Searching furiously for any movement, from the guys.



My small elf-ish ears.

Straining to hear the low volume announcements.



The enormous longing for support.

This huge gush of emotions to cling onto somebody!



Those bright focus – lights!

Flooding the place with warm rays of hope.



Some good, brave men.

Saving our lives while endangering theirs!



End of the three-hour siege.

Brought a relief and took me back to sleep.


– Suri





7 thoughts on “The Theft.

  1. Memories – recent or distant – have their way of making our mind a forever dwelling place. No escaping. They never ask whether they are wanted or not. They’re just there. THey don;t ask permission fto drop by. And they don’t come alone. They bring the pounding of the heart, the rush of adrenaline, the weakness in the knees. What do you do? How do you live with them, with the terror? With the anger? Is it even possible? YES!!! YES, it is. How?

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    1. There’s so escaping from the memories. So true.
      The only way out is by facing them. By letting them bruise our skin with their pain, by letting them smack on our face, by letting them to challenge our ego, and many more things like that.
      But in the end, we do have to make sure that we are born again in those flames. Like a Phoenix emerging from it’s own fire..

      It feels good talking to you. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Ah, “No escape”, but that doesn’t mean there is no freedom, ever. It’s a process, a path that leads to freedom. But first you must look pain in the eye, get comfortable with it. You cannot confront an enemy unless you look it straight in the face. You will cry, a lot, to exhaustion, but when you are through crying, you will raise, as you elegantly put it in another post, as the Phoenix from the ashes. You would had found your strength inside yourself, and nothing will be able to hurt you again.

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          1. You are most welcome, Suri. You too have a gift for writing. Keep writing. If you wish you can take classes online. It’s free to take a Creative Writing class. You are so young and being able to write the way you do now, I’d say you could easily make a career in writing. Let me give you the link to a site where you can even enter contests. They award prices. There is a $24.00 entry fee. Suri, you absolutely can win in those contests. Please go to this link, create an account (it’s free) and enter your work. It’s probably too late to enter for this last one – deadline is March 31st. If you hurry you can do it.

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