Thoughts, Anyone?

We think the same things now as we did eons back and would be thinking the same things much much ahead in the future unless some really very drastic evolution takes place.

The same words were repeated throughout history.

The same words are being repeated today.

The same thoughts were shared then.

The same ones are being shared now.

We, as humans, as the so-called-intelligent beings on Earth, believe to have evolved much more than the other species. But have we really? Emotionally? Spiritually? Mentally?

Physically, yes. Our way of living has tremendously evolved into a – I won’t say ‘better’ but – rather a convenient style. We get most of our work done without much of those tiring, painstaking efforts. But that’s not the matter I had intended to write about.

I wished to learn about the inner minds of people. I had this intense desire to know whether the person sitting besides me in a train is thinking about the same things that I am. I wanted to know if they are thinking about their parents. And if yes, are those thoughts negative or positive. I felt that I needed to know if the lady who sits in that grocery store has ever had a dog in her life. And if yes, if the dog isn’t with her now, does she miss it?

I would also want to know if my best friend holds any – even a small negligible quantity – grudge against me. I may try my best to hide this feeling, but a tiny light shines in my heart everytime a young, handsome guy walks right past me, and I wonder if he noticed me. And even if he did, I wonder what did he think about me.

When I walk into an art gallery, I ponder over the artistic features in every artworks. I try to think about the thoughts that the artist must have been thinking while painting them. I do get a few vibes. They may be the same feelings that the artist might have been thinking, or they might be like the ones the other viewers are thinking.

On my way home, I see a boy, of about 10-12 years old, riding shotgun in a car. The car had halted at a traffic signal. The boy had a hunched body structure as he was peering down at the trophy he was holding inside his bag, at the same time anticipating the reaction he would get from his driver. Would it be as good as or better than his parents? And I start to wonder about them.

And in the end, I wonder if there are others who think like I do. At times, I know there’s almost everyone who thinks like this.

Human mind is weird. It makes you believe that you are different and yet the same.

Sometimes, I feel there’s a huge traffic of these thoughts. There must be an option to wipe out the screen. To merely enjoy the void. The feeling of nothingness. The vacuum. To get a small bit of relief from the floundering nature of our minds. But I know it won’t happen on it’s own. Someone needs to act. I need to act. I need to unclog the unnecessary garbage swirling around in my mind, occupying the space that would have been used for some better revolutionary thoughts and ideas.

And I know, now’s the time to do it. The sooner, the better.

– Suri


32 thoughts on “Thoughts, Anyone?

  1. Yes we grow until the age of 13 and everything else is the validation n experience. We read the same text and same stories, how would anything ever change !

    I have mused about this a lot and hence I prefer to deflect from the norm, because when the dooms day comes everyone of the similar kind dies. Either it is me or them. I don’t mind, but I want someone to be alive !

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    1. I find it very intriguing and courageous that you are willing to be the only one person alive on this planet, but won’t change yourself just for the sake of it. That’s great. 🙂

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  2. No Suri, it won’t happen on its own. Nor can we wipe the screen clean and “enjoy” the void. Unfortunatelly there is no void, but there is a way of “disarming” the ever runing thoughts, like you disarm a bomb. It’s still there, but harmless.

    There is peace after chaos and tragedy and devastation. There is life after the death of innocence. Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door of truth and knowledge and freedom, will open before you. Just ask.

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  3. I dare to say that i often think exactly as you do. Wonder what strangers around me in the metro train, the grocery store or walking by in different cities i visit, all have on their minds.. And yes i was allured by the hypothesis that this way of thinking is unique and only occurs in the circumference of my brain. But you have a good point here; what if we ALL think exactly the same? It is just hard to measure what is going on inside our minds.
    Great article and thinking i must say!

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    1. I’m glad that you like it.. And yes, we are all the same species. We all have the same basic traits of socializing, thinking, developing ideas, etc. We are bound to think similar. But there’s always some uniqueness in each and everyone that makes them stand out from the rest. That gives them their own identity and their personality. & I think we must all cherish our uniqueness. 😀

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    1. When my tagline says, ‘Giving a voice to my thoughts…’ do I need to take a step back and double check if any of the posts are childish or even over-matured?
      Of course, not.

      I write what I feel and think about and really don’t think much about the maturity scale. If I change my thoughts as per the ideal qualities and thoughts of the universe, my own thoughts will lose their uniqueness..

      As for the ‘lot of same age people admiring each other’, who do you think will understand us the most? A kid several decades younger, a person several decades elder or a friend who is of almost the same age as you are..?! Of course, it is the friend that resonates the most with you. He has grown up in the same timeline as you have. He has received a similar environment as you have. He experiences similar incidences as you do..!

      And anyway, as far as I have noticed, grown-ups are just young learners trapped inside an adult body.

      Thank you for sharing your views.
      No offense from my side either.

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  4. They say there nothing that has not been done before, within the written world… However i disagree, that’s what so unique about the human mind…

    Funny we only such a tiny piece of our minds too..

    i see that you favoured a comment..

    i find that interesting, nonetheless worth looking into!


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  5. I simply wish there was a way to turn it off completely, for few moments though, haha. Sometimes, on certain occasion a barrage of thoughts blurt out of nowhere and at first I take a dive in the abyss of my own conscience but then after a while I want to stop but I can’t.
    I don’t know if you can relate or I’m just going crazy but I have experienced every word you wrote.

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    1. I can relate. I truly understand you and I hope you’re doing well now. 😊

      I’m so sorry, I may have somehow missed your comment. Hence the late reply.


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