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It’s Been A Year, April The Third!



         April 3, 2015: Gets inspired by some random friends. Opens an account on WordPress. Starts blogging.

          It was as simple as that. There was no such planning, no preparation, no topics or ideas in mind, absolutely nothing! I just knew that I had something to write. Something in this introvert mind, wanting to burst outside, to breath the true air, to feel the real dirt and to dance with the carefully carved words of the universe.

          Until a year back, if I had something on the back of mind and if I felt the urge to note it down, I would do so, in my diaries. But I really am a very bad manager of my diaries. So thoughts once written would never be read again or rather would be lost somewhere in the darkness without anyone to read or listen to it. It did feel good sometimes though. Having nobody else but me to intrude in my personal space. But sometimes there was this persistent calling which challenged this introvert brain to share the ideas and thoughts with the other humans on the planet. I had delayed the call on many, many, many occasions.! But finally on 3rd April, 2015, I made a deal with the caller. The deal was to stay anonymous while I blog until I gain some confidence in my writings. But within a few days I felt comfortable with these public posts and the concept of blogs where I can share my thoughts and options freely for others to read.
The result? I created the very first blog of my life. And most importantly, kept it alive! At times, due to my academics there remains very long gaps in between the blog posts. But then, I do make sure that the gap doesn’t extend till the blog finally cracks open and itself falls into darkness.

          In my ‘About’ page I haven’t introduced myself properly. Reason being, I had intended to remain anonymous. But now that I am finally a year old member of the WordPress blogging family, I feel comfortable enough to introduce the real me.

          So hello there, fellow bloggers! I am Surabhi Parab from Mumbai, India. Mostly known by the name Suri on WordPress and Twitter. I am moulding myself to be a voracious reader and a better writer. But at the same time , I am studying to become an engineer (which is a typical Indian story). I really, really love reading books: I read both Fiction as well as Non-fiction; but prefer Non-fiction more! Book suggestions and book talks are always welcomed. Also, I love it when people share some writing tips, because it helps me in my goal to be a better writer by analyzing myself and looking at my words through the eyes of the critics. I even love drawing, painting, doodling, craft works and other creative tasks that requires practical approach as opposed to the theoretical ones.

          April 4, 2016: Continues blogging. And thinking about the various ways to improve my first ever blogging site.

And finally, A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY DEAR READERS AND FOLLOWERS. Without your inspiration, motivation, tips and ideas it was next to impossible for such a lazy person like me to ‘maintain’ a blogging site, let alone be keeping it active for over a year! Thank you once again. Keep blogging! 😀

– Suri