A Bag Full Of Confusion!

Sometimes you do things you’ve never wanted to. And those times, when you never try the things you’ve always wanted to. They believe what they’re told. They see what they’re shown. They hear what’s blaring around. I ask, only for once, if you could try to seek out things for yourself; to pull down the veil in front of you; to move away from the commotion and hear from a place where you may find tranquility, do you think the situation would seem the same? I ask, why would you even believe and merely drink in the apparent world? If it was meant to be this way, wouldn’t everyone around be happy?


Note: It is an incomplete post. Nevertheless, I am posting it here, as I’m not sure how to end it properly. You can always share your views about it in the comments’ section. 🙂

– Suri


5 thoughts on “A Bag Full Of Confusion!

  1. Hi Suri – Some thoughts against your thoughts!

    “Sometimes you do things you’ve never wanted to. And those times, when you never try the things you’ve always wanted to.”

    The above are typically a response to peer pressure, or some other desire for approval. Regardless of the reason, those things prevent you from exploring yourself, and being who you want to me. Unless you know and understand who you are, how can anybody else get to know you? Happiness therefore is not likely in these circumstances.

    Happiness is knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, and loving yourself regardless!
    Happiness is believing in yourself and knowing what a really nice person you are and, if some others do not see that… it is their loss.
    Happiness is finding the road that you should be traveling on and, regardless of the inevitable diversions, keep getting back to that road.
    Happiness is believing that you are far more than a simple result of reproduction, but that you are here for a purpose.
    The happiest people (I believe) are those who have found their purpose and are pursuing it.
    The unhappiest people are those who reach their life’s end and reflect back …. and see nothing but a self-focused life.

    As for your Post. It was fine because it made me (and probably many others) think, and thinking is always a good thing isn’t it? 🙂


  2. Well, I think we are responsible for everything we do and everything we miss out. If we can change the course of things, make them better, then we must. There is always going to be an alternate opinion, there is always going to be chaos. That’s what a human mind is! But to control is everything, the mind is essentially everything. 🙂


  3. I think all the above is well said and excellent advice. But I humbly submit, Suri, you are an amazingly talented writer. Your writing has force. It has feeling. I have no idea how your life is set up–jobwise, familywise, otherwise! But, you are a writer of note. I’ve read your blogs, and I’m amazed at how often I literally stop–your writing is that good–I stop and re-read, then read again. I’m very impressed. Of course, keep looking, keep asking, and above all keep writing.

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