I want you to sit besides me today.

I want you to pat my back and tell me to get up, to dust off the sorrow, to make way for light.

I want it to be like it was, in those days, just you and me, together forever. But of course, forever is a lie.

I want to tell you all those stories that you’ve missed out on.

I want to share with you anything and everything.

I want to relive the past with you.

I want to see you, to touch you, to feel your body rub against mine.

I want to play with you again, like we did then. Then. It feels so long and gone now.

Perhaps, now should’ve been a beginning to a new life, a new era. But I just can’t feel it.

All I want is to feel comforted by your presence. I want to wrap myself up in your fur once again. 

I’ve always resented change and you know it so well. I can’t handle change. And the change wasn’t even normal. It was large. It was EXTRAVAGANT!!

Yes, it was my fault to not be by your side when you needed me the most. But baby, I’m sorry, can you forgive me for that? It’s too much to ask for, but I know that you’ve got a very big heart. An heart unlike mine. So much unlike mine, my dear.

I want to see you again…..
– Suri 

Note: This piece of writing is about my dog who passed away a few years back.


29 thoughts on “Missing.. 

        1. Hey, that’s okay! That’s the beauty of literature anyway. 🙂
          You read a story or a poetry and the way it resonates with you may not be the same as it does for someone else. 😀

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          1. Yes, I understand.
            And perhaps, I guess the way of understanding might be different, but the underlying context has to be on the same page.

            I was totally on a different book here. 😦

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            1. I kind of felt so too, there were certain words which indicated that. But then I thought better, it was wrong.

              You’re too kind. And I am sorry for your loss. 😔

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            2. I did feel that the context I was referring to might be wrong. There were these key words, but then again idk I thought better, which I was wrong apparently.

              You’re too kind. And I am really sorry for your loss. 😔

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  1. Very nice and elegaic. Those of us who dont ‘have’a dog probably know someone who does, and can understand the deep relationship that forms. Can’t help wondering why you gave the ‘twist’ info in a rather unpoetic footnote. (Perhaps you’d meant to make it ambiguous.)

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    1. Hahaha! Well I didn’t intend to even put in the so called ‘twist’. I had wanted this post to resonate with individuals in their own personal way. I mentioned it at the end later, because then I thought now that the reader has read it all, whilst experiencing his or her own story it would be but an injustice to not tell them mine, the one it’s actually based on.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m glad you like it. 😀

      And yes, sorry for late reply. I was very inactive on WordPress past few months. 🙂


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