Everyone expects you to focus;

nobody tells you how to declutter.

People give you tips on how to learn new things with zeal and enthusiasm

but what about the pre-existing things on my mind? How am I to declutter those?

I sure can’t just put a needle through my mind and make it burst like a big, fat balloon.

(I wish I could… )


– Suri


9 thoughts on “Declutter.

  1. Sorry to read your noggin feels a bit cluttered, Suri. I started meditating just last year with the Headspace app and have found it an excellent way to clear my head and improve my focus. Even better, it comes with instructions! Though picturing the thoughts popping like a big balloon works too. 🙂 Hope things settle down for you soon.

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  2. Hello. Decluttering is not easy because everything, everyone object but even what we think o remember is part of us. It doesn’t care if this is positive or negative. But then arrives a moment, an important one, and we understand that we have to choose between what is really necessary and no: so we declutter. When we put in order, we reorganize our life. I wrote, some times ago, an article about decluttering. It’s written in italian. I hope it will be usefull for you. If you need help for the translation, there won’t be any problems. Ciao :).

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  3. But will there be that point next month or year where I say, like with the jeans that went to charity: I know there was something useful I used when this sort of thing happened? Perhaps just label them ‘maybe useful sometime’ and put them away.
    (Although I don’t like to think of my brain looking like my husbands garage!)

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