Still thinking..

Always thinking…

Do you ever feel like you’re thinking just too much and want to stop thinking? Like completely want to stop thinking? No thoughts at all? I don’t know about you, but I’m surely in one of those phases where I want to stop thinking. I would be happy even if I’m granted this wish for an hour. The cluttering of hundreds and thousands of thoughts and feelings inside me sometimes feels like a burden. A huge burden that weighs me down. And as I age more and more each year, I can feel my burden weighing more and more. I wonder when it’ll become so heavy that I’ll tumble and fall down with it. I hope it doesn’t end that way.

I’m searching for a way to control these thoughts. Meditation is the usual suggestion but I’m not really sure that I can be that patient to try it. Some suggest that instead of wanting to stop the thoughts, why not give it a proper outlet? By speaking it out or by writing it down, you’ll feel better. Well, I don’t know.. Let’s see. 
What do you bloggers suggest? 😀
– Suri 


17 thoughts on “thinking

  1. Listing your thoughts, and then focusing on one at a time until it is exhausted may work. A vigorous exercise program will give you a mental break from them as you will need to focus on your exercise!

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  2. “Do you ever feel like you’re thinking just too much and want to stop thinking?” Same here! I don’t have enough work & my friend working with the company after completing engg. so they have no time.
    Let’s see. What do you bloggers suggest? keep busy yourself in work & with your surroundings.

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    1. Oh yes! When I’m busy working, I’m not attacked much by those intruding thoughts.
      But while I’m even a bit idle, it’s terrible.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


  3. running/ going for long walks… total head clear.. well almost because i do not think with all the millions and billions of thoughts going through ones mind in even just a minute can actually completely clear up.. i think the only time your head can do this is if youre asleep but even still it lasts probably just seconds.. the seconds just at the peak of waking up!
    good luck 😉

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    1. I think that even while we are sleeping, the mind is busy cooking up hundreds of thoughts inside, which is why we can see dreams. They are only but a reflection of our thoughts.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂


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