Why Do I Care?

I sometimes wonder why do I care so much. There are people who absolutely give no shit about others and yet they are doing all fine. Of course they do. The life of an individual doesn’t depend on another. Everyone makes their own destiny. Humans create their path to success alone. Yet they are social animals. They can’t be completely alone. They need to have friends, family, someone to love, someone to trust. Also it’s a very risky job to trust someone in today’s world. There are just too many complications involved. You can never tell the true intentions of a fellow human. Trusting animals is way better.

— Suri


8 thoughts on “Why Do I Care?

  1. I have told this story a few times now while blogging…. but here it is again:
    My drive to work dictated using a major highway. Typically I would experience a couple of really stupid drivers. One (e.g.) might lane-change right in front of me without signalling, while another might seem to be trying to push me down the road, given that he/she was so close (and likely on the phone). When I got to work, I would tell my colleagues about my experience and just rant for a short while! I then realized how flawed my thinking was! I had fixated on those 2 idiot drivers, and yet had totally overlooked the other 800+ perfectly responsible and courteous drivers that I shared the road with during that drive!
    Of course, we are going to meet dishonest, manipulative, unreliable etc. etc. people in our lives, but let us never forget that those people do not represent the whole population. If you choose to focus on the negatives, then all you will see are the negatives. I choose to focus on the positives of society. Of course I am going to be disappointed occasionally,… that is the reality of our world, but I refuse to let isolated disappointments tarnish my view of the rest of the world. Keep smiling Suri. ๐Ÿ™‚

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