Honesty’s a Joke!

All this while you used to merrily point out others’ mistakes. You used to have strict constraints about how a person should be, you felt like yours is the ultimate philosophy, that there’s no one better or rather honest than you…

But you never realize when you yourself turn into a bad person. The untrustworthy. The bitch. The dishonest. And then you blame it all on time.

– Suri

Note: Sorry for the harsh words used. I’m feeling so blue today..


7 thoughts on “Honesty’s a Joke!

  1. Don’t worry about your language, Suri. It’s no problem. You are upset and you have a right to be. Hypocrisy, especially from those close to us, parents, relatives, is beyond aggravating. I do know exactly what you’re talking about. The thing is, you have to somehow shake off that power they have over you. Yes, they have power over you. It’s what made you so upset. I can help you do that, if you would like to try.

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