Sometimes, a blank page is all you see. You hold a pen in your hand, thinking about things to say, things to write, things to do; but nothing clicks. Or maybe it does click at times, but your hand doesn’t consider it worthy enough to let the thought flow in the form of ink through your pen.

You have in your hand scores of pressing issues to be solved as soon as possible, personal issues, issues requiring only your personal opinion. Yet, you somehow manage to find silly excuses to postpone it, you rely on other so-called important tasks at hand, to ignore the really important issues.

But procrastination isn’t the solution. Sooner or later, we have to face it, we need to face it, before it’s too late to act upon. But when? But how?

– Suri


27 thoughts on “Indecisiveness

    1. Yes it works on the professional front.. but when I’m making decisions about my personal matters, I can’t even seem to take the first baby step. πŸ˜”


    1. True true true! But even so there are certain situations which we do keep on postponing due to some reasons.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. 😁

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  1. Great insights Suri! I actually applaud you for breaking the chain of discouraging own self, that tend to be a setback for a lot of us. You described 100% who I was, say a year or 2 ago. I just recently decided to fully impound upon what I believe would be the thing to do, and that is to get a blog and write about anything I think ( definitely fun, inspiring and true). Someone once said, if you have nothing to write about, you can just as well continue and write about having nothing to write about and you’ll feel you’ve acted. Cheers.

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    1. Hey, Thank you and I’m really glad you noticed.
      I initially thought that I would only write about the positive aspects of my life, but later I realised how wrong that would be when the subtitle/ tagline of my blog itself is ‘Giving a voice to my thoughts…”
      All I want is my blog to be authentic and genuine. I want to be able to express myself better and with each post I feel like I am improving myself.

      Thanks for reading. Keep visiting! 😁

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  2. Hey Suri,
    Sometimes, blank pages hold the key to a few unanswered questions, some unrealised dreams and our own unfulfilled potential.
    So the next time you wonder if your thought is good enough to be penned down, just do it and who knows what it might blossom into πŸ™‚
    Cheers & keep blogging!

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  3. I think ,,When we have fears ,, we should think of extreme and take a first to face it at once,, and we should at first go back to time when we don’t even thought about it ,, doing it once or more,, will surely give courage to break that cage we always feel ourselves encaged with in such situations,,


  4. This is so true. I get to the end of my day only to find I have done everything that was unimportant, but nothing that REALLY matters. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference at the start of the day, bit at the end it is so glaringly obvious!! Cool post! 😁


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