Waiting For a Rainy Day

Sitting quietly by the windowsill, I was watching the colony of tiny ants, patiently carrying cubes of sugar, lining up in a queue and walking slow but steady. My eyes follow their path down from the windowsill through the curvy pipes and then straight into the grass. The grass is fresh but in need of water. I went inside to grab a jug of water. As I was pouring water into the potted plants, I broke a sweat. I had hardly done any work! Yet the heat of summers along with the humidity in Mumbai is enough to be soaked in sweat within minutes.

I was longing for the rain. We all do it, right? Towards the end of summers, when the degrees soar up insanely, we all know who to wait for. Especially in Mumbai, where winters are dull and summers are hot, our only saviour is the rain. That’s the one thing which we have in abundance!

It’s quiet tonight. Rains have already arrived in the southern parts of India, slowing traversing it’s way upwards. The thought of rain excites me. Of course, I’m not fond of the thunder which follows the rain.

Our relatives from countryside have already notified us about the arrival of rain at their place. It’s so close now. I can totally feel it. It was breezy some time ago but now it’s even more windy. And it’s considerably cooler now. Signs of rain. It’s night time, so I cannot actually see the clouds clearly, but I’m sure it’s cloudy as no star is visible.

I hope it rains tonight. I hope it lowers the temperature.

Dear Rainy Day,

I’m Waiting In Anticipation. Come Soon.

Yours Truly,


– Suri


52 thoughts on “Waiting For a Rainy Day

    1. Hahahah.. you won’t believe but yesterday, when I wrote this piece I was actually thinking that I’ll write a follow up story the next day after experiencing the first rain of the season.
      But nooo. The rain didn’t arrive here yet! 🥺


            1. Oh okay… Sounds fine. I was about to delete my blog few months ago and then restart completely on a new site. But a close friend advised against it. So here I am.. 🤪 I have no regrets. It would have been such a task to regain all the followers!

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    1. I need not imagine. I was in New Delhi last week for an event. It was so hot! (Not humid like Mumbai, but dry!!)
      I was quite relieved with the climate of Mumbai when I returned back here.

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  1. The song “Rainy Day” by Guster came to my mind when I saw the title – the post itself has no relation to it (the song is pretty dark one). I can imagine the joy of the first rains beating down!

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