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The universe never changes at all. People don’t change. They stay the same. Maybe it’s just our perception that varies from time to time.

– Suri




‘Birthday’ that one word which excites her way too much before it’s arrival, yet always disappoints her on it’s special day. Special? There isn’t really anything special about her birthday. Partly because she doesn’t want to celebrate it and partly because, it brings all the past memories back to her. About the happy old days. Which she so desperately longs for. The thought of her birthday’s arrival, always brings in a new hope. A new light. Every year, without fail. Maybe this year would be different? Maybe my life could take a turn towards good this time? Maybe I’ll make some friends this year? Maybe I’ll start expressing my thoughts and feelings more openly now that I’m all grown up? Maybe I can avoid myself from plunging more into the depths of darkness and rather start by feeling the light, a ray of hope? But each year brings in the same results. No special birthdays. No noticeable change, no good days. Yet the future always manages to keep her going. Good thing- she doesn’t know where to stop. Maybe one day, she might stumble upon something special in her life? And wouldn’t that be a day when she may look back and appreciate her own struggles and hardships? It would feel like a well deserved success and that is what would make her really very happy!

– Suri


Delta (Δ)

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Life is a constant game of improvising. We are never stable. We keep on learning new stuff. In the process unknowingly, we transform ourselves. It’s as if like, Δ – the Greek symbol for Change – is directly proportional to the number of years we live for!

You’ve changed“, they say. “Changed for good, yeah“, is all you want to say.

– Suri