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Self VaNDaLisM!

When Chaos & Order join hands.

Self Vandalism

So here’s a doodle after a very long time. 🙂

Paper used: 8.1/4″ x 11.1/2″ Sketch Pad of 120 GSM.

Pen: Pigma Micron 03 (0.35 mm), Pigma Micron 005 (0.20 mm), Pigma Brush.

How’s it? Let me know what you bloggers feel about it! 😀


– Suri



Featured image

[Image source: Facebook]

     When an empathy is mistaken as an act of selfish deed. When people misunderstand a genuine concern to be an intrusive act. When there’s no one to share my dilemma with. When the chaos in my mind never stop wrangling. I choose to write. As an escape from the turmoil. *wink*

– Suri