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“Surabhi” #2

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So, here is another Typography of my name which I made back in 2013! 🙂 The girl in my sketch is ‘Cora’ from the movie ‘Astroboy’.. The reason why I drew her is that, I was way too much fascinated by her hair. Isn’t it cool guys? 😉

Sorry for the bad picture clarity 😛

Paper used: A-4 size. About 100 GSM.

Colours used: Plastic Crayons, Pencil-colours and Chisel marker.

Share your views, fellow bloggers! 😀

– Suri


“Surabhi” #1

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[Image source: My phone’s cam! 😛 ]

Hello friends! This is what I made in August, 2014.. It’s made on a 8.1/4″ x 11.1/2″ Sketch Pad of 120 GSM.

For the colouring part, I’ve used Oil Pastels and Watercolor pencils..

How’s it? ^_^

Feel free to comment!

– Suri