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Quarantine Musings #8

I wonder when would people stop politicising things, stop accusing and blaming each other at least during such delicate, unprecedented times.

I wonder when will people come together as one, and cooperate- to plan for a peaceful future.

If we could achieve that, then it would be like winning a small battle.

If all of us take the initiative, standing together – strong and united – we might as well overcome the struggle.

When every individual (at least those in the forefronts) keeps their political differences, their religious preferences, their caste, race, colour aside, it would just be the most positive impact of this crisis, it would feel like winning a war.

Nobody was prepared for this, we all are still in the process of preparing for it. The blame game just delays and worsens the process. Together there’s hope, individually we are all just broken pieces of crumbling economies and failing health care infrastructures.

But of course, this is all just wishful thinking. I will only keep wondering about such utopian world, where people come together as one, and diligently plan for the wellbeing of each other. I might as well wait until forever for it to turn into reality.

Take care, folks, wherever you are! All good wishes. 🙂

— Suri

What are Quarantine Musings? Just some random, trivial, light-hearted (or maybe even deep?) thoughts that pass through my mind during these lockdown days.