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Just Keep Running!

I step outside
Soak in the afternoon sun
Call out your name
You turn to look
And then start running to me
I hold you tight
Cry my heart out in your fur
Hug you and share with you
All the stories and the hurt
You are attentive
You understand my pain
You listen to me, as always
The terrible things I tell you about
The weird thoughts that I carry around
The fights, the misunderstandings,
The fears, the anguish
I tell you all, but you judge me not

You silently wink that it’ll be alright
As I weep softly with dry tears on my face
We both lay down on the floor,
You on your tummy, me on my back
But huddled together like there’s no room
You were, are and always will be
The best support system of my life.

Yes, it’s been years since we last met,
It’s been some years since you left the planet
But I hope you’re happy, wherever you are
I hope you have a big and wide open ground there
And nobody to stop you, from running around
Because, wasn’t that always your dream?
To run, run, eat and run?

You showed me, no matter what happens
We should never stop running
Feel the pain and double the pace
You were magic, the brightest light in my life
I miss you, but wait, don’t you worry
For I’ll always remember the good old days
To inspire me to run again
And not lay gasping for your presence
For it will only weaken my soul

I’ll run again, I’ll live your dream
And thus I’ll make it up to you
To the days that we’ve lost
To the times that we could have met, but didn’t.

I love you, Sweety.

Note: Here’s another poem dedicated to my dog, Sweety who passed away around 5 years ago.

– Suri


Life’s A Stage!


          Sometimes I feel we as humans, live in an extremely dramatic way. For instance, in the animal kingdom, it is either of the three: Love, Kill or Ignore. But we, overflowing in our tons and millions of emotions continue living as though enacting a Shakespearean play on stage. The play of an extremely long duration. Our entire lifetime!
          Hardcore tragedies, romantic, out-of-the-ordinary love stories, bone-chilling thrillers, etc. are bound to grab our attention and eyeballs. People notice what is extraordinary. They notice what is weird. They notice what is NOT normal. For a moderate play? A play without any exciting scenarios or a near-attractive storyline? Well, even in the presence of fine artists and actors, the play is good for nothing. It becomes redundant. It loses its charm, its magic. It loses the very base upon which it holds itself upright.
          The audience would not even bother to wait till the end of the act. They waste not a minute on the common man, the common stories, the stories that they see everywhere around anyway. Without even paying for it. They do not consider it important enough to be noticed. But should they even? Is it even worth to sacrifice ourselves to mediocrity? I think not.
          Thoughts? 🙂

– Suri