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eraser and word mistakes

Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes are good they say. If we just know the trick, we might end up gaining a whole brand-new set of experiences first-hand. But of course, we have to SUFFER before we get to feast upon our laurels. They say, mistakes are a proof that you are taking risks. Which may be for a noble cause or a bad one. But what if you make a mistake that can never be rectified? What if it sets itself as a permanent default? Ah, that – you would never know until – you try!

– Suri


Oh Her Malicious Heart! That Jerk.

Her heart skipped a beat,

When it wasn’t supposed to.

It skipped a beat,

When those thoughts lurched towards her.

It skipped a beat,

And she couldn’t utter a word.

It skipped a beat,

As it dawned to her, that things aren’t really as they seem to be.

It skipped a beat,

As she realized, she couldn’t trust anyone; not anymore.

It skipped a beat,

When it failed. Yet again.

It skipped a beat,

To let her know, that she had become a bit more weaker.

It skipped a beat,

To say that she couldn’t carry the hurt only by her own shoulders.

Her heart, that roguish little brat; and the untrustworthy old-soul,

if only he knew; that she was now breathless…

– Suri

Note: Hello everyone! Here’s my fourth poem. Am I improving? Share your views. 😀



‘Birthday’ that one word which excites her way too much before it’s arrival, yet always disappoints her on it’s special day. Special? There isn’t really anything special about her birthday. Partly because she doesn’t want to celebrate it and partly because, it brings all the past memories back to her. About the happy old days. Which she so desperately longs for. The thought of her birthday’s arrival, always brings in a new hope. A new light. Every year, without fail. Maybe this year would be different? Maybe my life could take a turn towards good this time? Maybe I’ll make some friends this year? Maybe I’ll start expressing my thoughts and feelings more openly now that I’m all grown up? Maybe I can avoid myself from plunging more into the depths of darkness and rather start by feeling the light, a ray of hope? But each year brings in the same results. No special birthdays. No noticeable change, no good days. Yet the future always manages to keep her going. Good thing- she doesn’t know where to stop. Maybe one day, she might stumble upon something special in her life? And wouldn’t that be a day when she may look back and appreciate her own struggles and hardships? It would feel like a well deserved success and that is what would make her really very happy!

– Suri


A Stone-Hearted Soul!


She had a heart that was filled with terror. A heart compressed by fear. A heart rotting into mistrust and paranoia. She feels happy. She gets furious. She gets terrified. She feels saddened. Yet, she never dares to show any of these feelings on the outside.

It was as if she always wears a protective mask covering her skin, covering her face that expresses no emotions. A ‘Stone-Hearted‘ girl – they called her.

– Suri

Only A Pawn!


Today, when he looked into the mirror, it wasn’t his reflection that he saw. Instead, what he could see was an embodiment of the struggles of his past. The hauntings of his past. This startled him. He didn’t want to look at himself like that. He had always wanted to be the one who conquered over the emotions. He was like the pawn aspiring to become the King. He knew he wasn’t capable, yet he had that ambition, that fire within him which would take him to greater heights. He had always aimed to set an example to the world, about what it is like to have a turbulent past and yet succeed. Maybe he could really do that. But that, he knows, would only be possible if he learns how to take charge of his own emotions.


– Suri



Today, I realized, that I’ve just been flying with the throng. That I’ve lost sense of my own personality, in that process. The way I was before is slowly perishing in the darkness, as I am embracing this new change. But I must stop. I must stop before this change completely devours me up. If I don’t terminate it in time, then I guess it might eventually wash away the memory of who I actually was! And who I really am! I need to take control of my own self so as to have a balance. An equilibrium. And, I am the only one who can do that. Sparkling out my true identity! *wink*

– Suri