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Death is depicted so easily in movies and in books. You hear the sound of a gun-shot, or a hit by a rod on the back of the victim’s head; and the immediate next moment, you see him lying cold. And dead.
Is it really so easy to portray death? Can death actually be imitated? I think not. It’s a much deeper concept.

All kinds of opinions to this are invited. Let me know what my fellow bloggers think about this. 🙂

– Suri

A Caged Bird

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She felt like a Canary in a cage. She tried spreading out her wings; but, at one particular stage, her wings hit the bars of the cage and the cruel reality – of her being trapped inside, within a certain boundary – came to show it’s face.

Disheartened, she recoiled, put down her head and sat at the corner. Dreaming about the day, when she would finally manage to set foot outside her boundaries, spread her wings out wide and fly high above the skies!

– Suri