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Let Your Contributions Count!

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How will you know that you can do something even without researching it? How can you take a step back even without giving it a last try? When will you acknowledge the fact that ‘the last try’ cannot be predictable? How long will you stay hidden in your own shadow of fear and self-doubt? When have you decided to come out to fight your own illusory luxuries? We must all try to take the step to be out there, by being our true self, by making a positive change for the betterment of the society, by being selfless! It doesn’t mean that you ought to be there caring for the poor or the blind, day in and day out! We all have our unique identities, we must take it’s advantage with a positive stride, and contribute towards humanity; instead of merely going along with the flow. Be Creative. Be Yourself. Enjoy your world!! *wink*

– Suri


Failure? Or Fortune?


Failures gave her a chance to reflect upon her true self, her own identity. It helped her to see the real world through the eyes of the less fortunate ones. The ones who failed and honestly did accept their failures, but were curbed by the higher echelons of the society. Now, the only objective that she had in her mind was to lend a voice to those less fortunate ones, so even they could earn a respectful place, in the society. For this, she was way too much more determined than ever before.

Not everybody gets a chance to fail so miserably in life. She just got lucky. *wink*

– Suri