Quarantine Musings #5

It’s funny but I’m amazed at how I can still recognise people well, in spite of half their faces being covered by masks.

But what’s peculiar is that I’ve realized it only now, how much I have relied on the lip movements of others, to understand when I miss a word or two while listening.

Now that those lips are hidden under the masks, the only other thing we can expect is to speak louder and clearer.

— Suri

What are Quarantine Musings? Just some random, trivial, light-hearted (or maybe even deep?) thoughts that pass through my mind during these lockdown days.


18 thoughts on “Quarantine Musings #5

    1. Haha, I understand. It’s like when we’re on phone and cannot hear the other people well, so we try being louder. Doesn’t make sense! πŸ˜‚


  1. Babies a few months old, look at the human face to learn the first language of our species, facial language.
    Masks take half of our faces off, they also deprive us of half of human language.

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