A Little Introduction


Heeeelllooo dear readers!! I’m Surabhi Parab from Mumbai, India; also known as Suri on WordPress and Twitter. I’m an Electronics Engineer. I love gazing at the sky, be it day or night. I am moulding myself to be a voracious reader and a better writer. I love reading books- I enjoy both Fiction as well as Non-Fiction, but tend to stay away from horror and psychological thrillers. Book suggestions are always welcomed. Also, I love it when people share writing tips, because it helps me analyze my words through the eyes of the critics.

My other hobbies include sketching, doodling and listening to some light music. I click pictures of the sky/ nature/ books almost every day! Also, I’ve very recently started watching Anime movies, so if you’re a fan do drop in some recommendations.

— Suri

P.S.: Welcome to my blog! Enjoy your stay here.


152 thoughts on “A Little Introduction

  1. Hello Siri,
    Nice to meet you here via Anjali’s blog & thank you for liking a recent comment of mine on her blog.
    I live in England & India sounds a fascinating country.
    Take care

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  2. Hi Suri. I love all those things, too! Thanks for liking my comment on Cindy Knoke’s blog.It sounds like you have graduated and have a busy life!That’s wonderful! I hope you’ll come on over to visit my blog as you’ll find art and my corgi, Molly. I’m an art teacher and since the pandemic have been posting art ideas for kids stuck at home. Before that I posted a lot of great art with suggestions for understanding each piece.


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