My Heavy Cart

It’s still a fleeting thought, but it seldom fails to return

For when I pause and reflect, I see you, basking in the rays of sun.

You dance without a sign of worry, your jaws clenched into a wide smile

With a pang of envy, I watch you from afar.

The sun is shimmering, as though rejoicing in your dance

And the leaves keep twirling in this windy space of love

My cart is full, overflowing through the brim

And you don’t even seem to own a cart?

I’m tired of dragging, some things do tend to fall,

But I care less, as I’ve already lost it all.

Your charisma is strong, you notice me not

I try to push my cart away; but it stays, it stays, it stays…

I stretch my arms to you, to reach closer I try,

I touch your arm, then at last, my cart slowly fades, it fades, it fades…

– Suri


4 thoughts on “My Heavy Cart

  1. This is so well written, that I cannot decide whether your are writing in order to express your feelings over a very personal situation … or whether you have an amazing and sensitive imagination. I seem to recall your Posts of quite some time ago which also begged the question of personal experience or literary creativity? Perhaps we should never know the answer, but rather leave the interpretation to the reader. 🙂

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    1. Well, that is true. The interpretation is open-ended. But to be honest, I might tend to write that reflect my mood. It is in accordance with the moods and not the original experiences.


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