Little Deep Breaths

Sometimes life brings you to a standstill. A complete, terrible standstill. You eat, to survive and not because you love to. You try to read and write and draw because you want to come of the loop. The thinking loop that you are continually stuck onto, like it’s the only song on your playlist that plays on repeat. Slowly, your heart starts pounding, faster than usual. Closing your eyes at night is a task in itself, for when those eyes shut – your thoughts amplify, speaking louder than it does during the day. Someone sneezes mid sleep and you wake up wide eyed. Someone else gets up for a little pee in the middle of night, and you rush to them, asking if everything is fine.

That is what anxiety does to you. It creeps up to you without you knowing how far up it has reached already. By the time the realization finally dawns on you, panic has hijacked your mind. It has crept up to the point wherein you do not feel in control of your own body or thoughts. You start to feel helpless, like the world around you is crumbling, along with your hopes and dreams. Your first urge is to give up, and why wouldn’t it be? Isn’t that the easier option? But that is your real test, it is at that exact moment when you need to take a step back and focus on the feeble voice far off towards the end of your vision that tells you to keep going. Well, it might sound unreal at first. For a while let’s just pretend it is real, and take some deep breaths. Those deep breaths wouldn’t make any difference immediately, but it will help you pause, few minutes at a time. It’ll allow you to reconsider your thoughts and help you in breaking their flow. One deep breath at a time.

Heyyaa people! How are you all doing? I’ve missed you loads and I have missed blogging. Hopefully I am back here now. I don’t have a plan yet on what my future posts would be about, but I am happy to be back. It’s much more peaceful than the buzz on other social media platforms.

– Suri


7 thoughts on “Little Deep Breaths

  1. Welcome back Suri, and what you are expressing here would seem pretty normal based on my experiences. Life can be rewarding just as easy it can be disappointing. Friends and family can be frustrating …. and fulfilling. Even our work can be uplifting, just as it can be stressful. I am sure that many of your readers can relate, after all …. isn’t that life?

    Fortunately, we are a resilient species! Again …. welcome back. Hope you’ll stick around for a while and perhaps share more of your life. Stay safe. Take care. Keep smiling! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, life is a complete spectrum of experiences. Yep, indeed thankful that we are so resilient.
      Thank you so much for your ever support. Hope you, Ray and Carol are doing well. 🙂

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  2. Some phases of our life are indeed, a little difficult to navigate through but like all things transient, even they pass and better times await 🙂

    While I may not be the most consistent of bloggers myself, but I sure am a consistent reader of blogs that I follow, yours being one that I look forward to eagerly. Pleasure to have you back, Surabhi! 😀


  3. YES!! This is so true! Especially the last couple of years. But I have been ok actually which is somewhat of a surprise. But I’ve just been trying to take it one day at a time. I have learned that life is going to have days that you are in a great place and things are going well. Then there are going to be days when you feel like everything is going wrong…..nothing will be right again. Life is all about the ebb and flow. I hope that you are well!!


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