Daily Archives: June 3, 2015

Too Many Questions Tonight!


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     Do people act mean on purpose? Don’t they have even a slightest hint that, in the process, they are hurting somebody else’s feelings? Is it that only the demon in them works while their angel takes a long, deep nap? Why do people vent out their anger on a person who is not even 0.01% at fault, instead, is only trying to help! I understand that people can only share their deepest thoughts, feelings, anger and hatred with the one they trust/care for/are closest to the most; but along with that don’t they have a responsibility to not make that person feel worse?? Of course they do. But then, why don’t they acknowledge it??

     I may have sounded somewhat emotional in this post. But don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. Nobody has been mean to me recently. It’s just one of those random thoughts of mine which troubles me at times.

– Suri