Her Silent Motivator.

She looks ugly when she’s angry. She is scared of herself while she’s angry, let alone be the others. The days and months of tolerance and hatred boiling within her, bursting like a new born volcano is so much hard to take in. Her words like lava attacks whatever is within her reach. Prey or Predator – she doesn’t really differentiate them at that time. She engulfs everyone in her fiery shadow all the same.

Her anger takes the shyness out of her. It makes her a pretty bold lady who can only understand one set of rules –  her own. It may make her antisocial, a bit weird, a bit hard to understand, somewhat mean, selfish or even silly. But mostly it reminds her of her own identity. It reminds her of what she wants to do – and not what everyone else wants her to do! Maybe anger is her silent motivator…?

– Suri


24 thoughts on “Her Silent Motivator.

  1. Anger into the inside is !
    Anger onto to the outside NO ?

    Anger is good, but the outcome of anger, well no.

    So if one can channelize the anger to a particular effect then it all makes sense. But by then it is no more anger but passion, perseverance, perfection and all the Ps

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  2. When we feel physical pain, we know something is wrong in our body. Hopefully we pay attention early enough so major problems are avoided. Pain is a feeling that actually saves lives. There is no telling what could happen if we don’t seek medical attention.

    What happens when we are angry or depressed, or overly fearful? Isn’t it logical that something is causing us to feel that way? What happens if we don’t seek help? Anger is a powerful feeling. It can cause serious damage to our bodies. Suppressed anger, (when we go to great lengths to control it) can lead to heart attacks, stroke, it weakens our immune system.

    It is logical then for us to seek to find the cause. Neither being hard on ourselves for acting on it, nor simply accepting that we are just angry and those around us should just get used to it, are the right answer. Best thing to do is be kind to ourselves. Seek to discover what causes the pain regardless of its nature, and seek to aliviate it. It is the only way to live.

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    1. Aww.. it feels good to know that people around us are so helpful that they take the initiative to inform others about things like these.
      Thank you for your efforts. Keep visiting.. 😀


  3. Wow! Intense.. loved reading through this post.. can’t wait to read through your upcoming posts! Loved it, keep it up.. and anger is never the solution for anything.. you most often regret your actions or make haste decisions.. and when you realise your negative attitude it’s sometimes too late.. which then feeds on to your ego. Anger is never the best policy..

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    1. Anger can’t be a solution, because it is NOT an action. Anger is a feeling that screams to be dealt with. You cannot deny it, can’t stuff it, can’t ignore it. We know that letting it loose is not a choice either, but unless we give it an outlet and expression on our terms, it will come out anyway and it will scare you and those at the receiving end.

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      1. Your right anger is an emotion.. but that emotion (if reacted to) leads to negative actions. Different people have different ways of dealing with it.. I’d lie if I was to say I’m never angry.. I am but rarely. Speaking from past experiences my anger has lead to decisions which I’ve looked back on in the frame of mind if I was to go back I would’ve acted to the situation in a more better and settled manner.. but what I was trying to say was when your angry it’s best not to make decisions.. calm your anger down and when your minds more at peace look back at the situation then make decisions.. that’s what I’ve learnt to do and I’ve actually grown out to be a better person than I was yesterday, im not perfect as there is still a lot of space for improvements..

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  4. I definitely identify. I am following your blog and want to see more., It’s a hard truth, but it seems to take losing your temper to be heard, right? Good ladies, girls and women don’t scream, say men who want floormats and women who scramble like bugs in grass trying to be exactly that, wishing they could be just like you and lose their temper and break their silence just once.

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  5. So beautifully written and its so true! Sometimes it is anger that actually motivates you to be more creative and do better. Many a times, it produces an unexpected and bizarre outcome!

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