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My Fancy TBR Pile || BookishInktober2020

#BookishInktober2020 prompt 7: FANCY

How do you decide what to read next? Do you have your TBR (To Be Read books) all planned out in advance? If yes, is it planned yearly, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly? Do you rigidly stick according to your plan?

I’ve never really planned my TBRs. Ah, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any TBR pile. Of course, I do- in the form of physical books and ebooks! But since July this year, I tried to make a monthly TBR, and surprisingly did read according to it. I couldn’t tick off the entire list, but at least could read half of them each month, some of the titles that were burdening my pile since years!

How do I decide what to read immediately after my current read? Ah, that’s simple.

  1. If the current book is a 5/5 for me, I’ll check out the blurbs of the other books by the same author. Then I’ll start binge reading all the works by the author one after the other (only if the next books keep me interested too).
  2. If the current book’s setup and timeline catches my fancy, then I’ll google up more books based on that era (like I do for books related to WWII), and thus stumble upon a completely new book – that was originally absent from my TBR – and start reading it.
  3. If I like nothing about my current book, I merely look through my TBR (I have an excel sheet maintained for it) and then pick up one book based on the blurb or sometimes even randomly.
  4. If I have ample of time and energy at my hands, I’ll start a new book series or something non fiction. 
  5. If I don’t have much time yet want to read, I’ll check out some light, standalone books – mostly YA (Young Adult genre). Even graphic novels are perfect for this category.
  6. In some cases, I randomly come across a book on goggle or bookstagram, will check their reviews and start reading that immediately! 

— Suri


Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why

I realized a while ago that I haven’t uploaded any of my artworks after 2015. So here’s a portrait I made yesterday of Katherine Langford. She’s the lead actress from the American web television series ’13 Reasons Why’. I haven’t really seen the entire series yet, only some 6-7 episodes, but I feel that for a newcomer she has done a flawless job of portraying the Hannah Baker as depicted in the Thirteen Reasons Why book by Jay Asher (Oh yes, I’ve read the book!).

Just a fancy picture that I clicked

Paper: I drew it in an A6 sized Sketch book of 130 gsm.

Pens: Pigma Micron 0.20 mm line width and Pigma Micron 0.25 mm line width

A WIP picture which probably looks more like Hannah Baker than the end result

– Suri

P.S.: I may upload more of my artworks on my blog in the next few days, so keep visiting!

Self VaNDaLisM!

When Chaos & Order join hands.

Self Vandalism

So here’s a doodle after a very long time. 🙂

Paper used: 8.1/4″ x 11.1/2″ Sketch Pad of 120 GSM.

Pen: Pigma Micron 03 (0.35 mm), Pigma Micron 005 (0.20 mm), Pigma Brush.

How’s it? Let me know what you bloggers feel about it! 😀


– Suri


Featured image

Made this for a friend, Soham, who is ‘almost’ a professional photographer! 😉

Paper used: 8.1/4″ x 11.1/2″ Sketch Pad of 120 GSM.

Colours used: Watercolor pencils, Plastic crayons, Chisel marker.

Share your views, fellow bloggers! 😉

– Suri

“Surabhi” #2

Featured image

So, here is another Typography of my name which I made back in 2013! 🙂 The girl in my sketch is ‘Cora’ from the movie ‘Astroboy’.. The reason why I drew her is that, I was way too much fascinated by her hair. Isn’t it cool guys? 😉

Sorry for the bad picture clarity 😛

Paper used: A-4 size. About 100 GSM.

Colours used: Plastic Crayons, Pencil-colours and Chisel marker.

Share your views, fellow bloggers! 😀

– Suri

“X-F classmates”

Featured image

Made this some 3 years back. It consists of the names of all my classmates, back in school.

Paper used: A-4 size. About 100 GSM.

Pen used: Faber-Castell marker and Chisel marker.

Feel free to share your views, folks! 🙂

– Suri

“Surabhi” #1

Featured image

[Image source: My phone’s cam! 😛 ]

Hello friends! This is what I made in August, 2014.. It’s made on a 8.1/4″ x 11.1/2″ Sketch Pad of 120 GSM.

For the colouring part, I’ve used Oil Pastels and Watercolor pencils..

How’s it? ^_^

Feel free to comment!

– Suri